The Status of your Relationship or Marriage

Divorce and breakups are some of the most stressful life events anyone can experience.  As a divorce coach, I know that it doesn't matter whether you are a man or a woman, what age you are, if you're in a long-term marriage or a common law relationship. Divorce is painful, gut wrenching, confusing and definitely not a straight path. It's normal to wonder if you're doing the right thing,  and to second guess yourself, your decisions and your motivation all the time. And, it the entire process is on fast-forward- you have to make huge decisions about YOUR life on someone else's (the courts) timeline.  Incredibly stressful.

The biggest mistake that people make when divorcing is not engaging a professional to help them with the emotional, financial and legal aspects of divorce- the real issue around divorce is making sure you have all of the resources, information and support to make the best decisions that will affect your (and your family's) life forever. 

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For some people, that means the very complicated issue of kids and taking the "right" steps so your kids are not further hurt by the ending of your marriage.

For others, it means the complex issues of splitting finances at a stage of life where you should be kicking back and relaxing, not in fear about your future. 

And still for others, divorce isn't what they want- for some of my clients, the work we do is to get their marriage back together.

But whatever your situation, I want you to know that you're not alone. As a survivor of divorce myself, I have experienced much of what you're going through. My one goal in our relationship is to help you make this crucial step in your life without fear, guilt or anger.  As your divorce coach,  we will collaboratively work on dealing with the uncertainties, stresses and fears about the next phase of your life.

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   "This coaching has been fantastic- a wealth of info and I can now make my own decisions without fear and with certainty that I have some control over the outcomes."HM

"This coaching has been fantastic- a wealth of info and I can now make my own decisions without fear and with certainty that I have some control over the outcomes."HM


So, what is a Divorce Coach and why would I want one?

Divorce coaching is a collaborative partnership specifically designed to help you clarify and evaluate your options and decisions as you move through the storm of divorce. Organizing and prioritizing goals from the emotional, legal and financial aspects are addressed, as well as life planning, redevelopment of goals and re-identifying yourself.   

Divorce coaching is recognized by the American Bar Association as a integral and important part of the divorce process.  

What are the benefits of divorce coaching? 

1. It will save your sanity- most people going through a divorce feel lost, confused, and overwhelmed with decisions- let your coach hold your hand through the process and manage your overwhelm so you can save your brain cells for more important matters.

2. It will save you time- you will not be in your attorney's office or on the phone with them constantly, updating them on the latest thing that your soon to be ex did. Your coach is your unbiased, non-judgmental sounding board and outlet for all things emotional, not your friends, family or attorney. 

3. It will save you money- most divorce attorneys charge an average of $400-$500 per hour- more reason to have them  focus on the legal process and save your questions, fears and emotions for your divorce coach, who charges a fraction of that. 

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It starts with a 30 minute conversation- a complimentary service to you.  We'll see if we are a good fit, and more importantly, whether I think I can help you or not.  Look through the Work with Me page and schedule with me there.

You are guaranteed to feel more confident and empowered to handle the issues of your divorce as well as your overall circumstances with a renewed inner strength.