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I'm Kelly Chisholm, your Divorce Coach. I'm really glad that you've found me, and that you are looking at how coaching can make your life so much better.

My professional life is over 25 years of coaching and therapy. I am a published author, writer, trainer and teacher. My work has been featured in Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Greatist, Your Tango, ABC, CBS and local stations and radio.

   Kelly Chisholm   MS, LPC, NCC, CRS, CST

 Kelly Chisholm   MS, LPC, NCC, CRS, CST

I coach internationally, and am a Board Certified Coach (BCC) with the Center for Credentialing and Education, the gold ring of coaching education . I also have a MS in Counseling Psychology, and numerous other certifications under my belt. 

I have conducted monthly divorce workshops is my community for over 2 years, collaborating with attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals on the best practices for my clients. I'm a member of the IACP (International Association of Collaborative Professionals) and have been trained in the collaborative methods of divorce process.

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I coach people in all stages of their relationships, but after my own divorce mistakes decided to focus on helping my clients NOT do what I did- a process that was fraught with misinformation, bad advice, fear and anxiety. I learned the hard way how the divorce system works, and how much people need an advocate (not your lawyer!) that will be your cheerleader and guide as you go through it.

Contact me via email - info@coachingbykellycom