3 Reasons Women Make Great Entrepreneurs


The world of business is a world dominated by men but it cannot spin around without the gravitational force of a woman. In spite of the wage gap, femininity stands to be a powerful force of nature that continues to drive women in a unique way. Women are built with a maternal instinct, inherent tenacity, and an undying passion that keeps their vision strong and focused. This isn't to say that any gender is better or worse than the other, but a woman and her strength both deserve all the credit that is due.

With that said, here are three reasons why women make powerful entrepreneurs in the workforce.

1. Women are Tenacious
Without tenacity, women wouldn't have broken barriers. Had Amelia Earhart taken no for an answer when she aspired to fly a plane, there might have never been a female pilot. Women like Joan Rivers and Oprah Winfrey became entertainment legends by rising up 10 times after having fallen nine. All the obstacles women have had to face throughout history came from a tenacious female spirit that brought about women's suffrage and every other milestone to follow. This kind of instinct is free, easily accessible, and a gift for every woman in the world. 

2. The Maternal Instinct Is a Power
It's no surprise that to every strong child is a backbone of their mother's unconditional love and support. Through thick and thin, a mother never gives up on her child because their success as a person is everything to her. Of course, it's the maternal instinct that stands as the spine of a mother's love. That maternal instinct is what drives the success of women entrepreneurs because their businesses, like children, are everything to them. And as a mother never tosses her child in the trash, neither does a woman with a vision and dream. Needless to say, even when the business hits a bump in the road and comes close to failing, a woman will never give up nor call it quits. 

3. Women Are Built with Passion
Coming hand in hand with a strong maternal instinct is the power of passion that a woman is ingrained with. A woman's passion is an unbeatable force of nature to reckon with because it's the force that fuels her true hunger for success. When that comes naturally, you cannot stop a woman with a dream; her entire focus will be dedicated to it. She will put all of her waking hours to constantly working on creating and manifesting her vision and its success. Ultimately, when the female entrepreneur's hunger for success is fueled by her natural passion, she is bound to make an impact on the world around her.

As can you can see, women were created with a predestination for success. When a woman with a dream taps into her divine feminine power, she is unbeatable and bound to bear the fruits of her labor. Resilience, maternal instinct, and passion are what enabled successful entrepreneurs like CoCo Chanel and Kate Spade to thrive in a man's world. Without the power of a woman's nature, ther wouldn't be women in Congress nor serving as presidential nominees. All barriers were broken for women by women because of the resilient female spirit and that is what makes women the most powerful entrepreneurs. 

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