End of Year Career Questions To Ask Yourself As You Wrap Up 2018.

The New year’s approaching, and for many of us it’s a revaluation period, whether we are a business owner or we work for a company. Taking stock of the year gives you an opportunity to focus on what you have accomplished, what you didn’t, and where you’d like to go next.


Ask yourself the following self assessment questions to help you plan for 2019.

  1. What career or business goals did I accomplish?
    No doubt you achieved goals last year- good for you! And the best part of is that you took action- which not many people do. So, make a list of what you accomplished, both large and small, and write it down. Seeing what you’ve done will give you motivation, which spurs you on to even more action. It’s a great little circle of energy that will carry you forward, because you can see that you weren’t just spinning your wheels for nothing!

  2. Did I add to my toolbox, in skills, education or experience?
    A sure sign of professional growth is to compare your skill set from the beginning of the year to the end- did you attend conferences, trainings, seminars or classes? Did you keep up with business and industry trends or get a new certification? Look back at your calendar to refresh your memory on what you did to add to your repertoire of skills and experience.

  3. What’s one thing that happened this year that you’d change if you could?
    Realistically, there’s always something that we’d like to change, or even a missed opportunity. Being aware of these mistakes is the first step to not repeating them. The next is to make small changes, that way you don’t go down the same path. Once you know what you’d like to change, you know what to focus on for next year!

  4. Was I happy in my career?
    If the answer is yes, then dig down to find out why, and then as they say, rinse and repeat! If the answer is no, know that you have the power to change many things. And that may include finally making a plan to start your own business (with your really cool idea that you’ve been thinking about forever), growing the business that you already have, or creating an exit strategy for an existing business that no longer serves you.

  5. What do I want to achieve with my business/career in the coming year, and how will I set myself up for success?
    Part of looking back at your year is deciding to make changes now- complete your plan for yourself and then you’ll need some support for that plan- a mentor or cheerleader behind you that will be there to help you focus and achieve those new goals. I can help you get to those goals, so when the end of 2019 comes, you will be in great shape- schedule your Clarity session here!