Protect Your Financial Future by Avoiding These Break Up Pitfalls


The first weeks of a break up are hard. It's when you battle between doing nothing and doing anything to keep your mind off your ex. Unfortunately, heartbreak can lead to bad decisions that derail your financial goals. Here are three ways to get through a break up without ruining your finances.

Say No to Shopping

No matter what the name implies, retail therapy won't remedy your hurt feelings. Instead, it can damage all the work you've done to pay off your credit cards and pad your emergency fund. Forget about reaching for material things and opt to reconnect with friends. You avoid pointless spending and invest in those who are important.

Romance the Kitchen

After a break up, you barely want to get out of bed, let alone cook a meal. Give yourself a pity day to binge on your favorite takeout, then get back in the kitchen. Find inspiration in a new, fun recipe and prepare enough food to cover your off days. Dining out stretches your budget and your waistline, so the faster you're back in the kitchen, the better.

Escape Into a New Project

It's hard to establish a firm financial foundation without income, so make sure you don't take the blues to work. Shake up your routine by volunteering to assist a co-worker or taking on a new assignment. Not only will you distract yourself from thoughts of your ex, but you also gain a resume booster.

The best way to get over a break up is to focus on yourself instead of your past relationship. A vital part of that is making sure you don't jeopardize your financial future. While money won't make you happy, no one ever cries because they have too much. In fact, your strong financial position may give you something to smile about on the rough days.

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