Coaching by Kelly Announcement: Coaching Transition


I have a really exciting announcement!

I’ve decided to go back to my roots as a coach, and return to a focus on entrepreneurs and small business owners who are wanting to build a six-figure, five-star business that they love. My passion for coaching has increased in the past few years and my work with entrepreneurs has exploded. This is because partly, my divorce coaching clients have needed coaching around creating, relaunching  or redeveloping their businesses, and that has been so rewarding, it made my realize where my focus needs to be.

One of my latest divorce coaching clients is a mother of three. Before marriage and kids, she was working within the interior design industry. She was successful at it, but babies came along and she decided to put her career on hold to stay at home with the kids. Now that she’s getting a divorce, she has to get back out there in her field.

I was helping her brainstorm options on starting her own business, what all it would entail, and encouraging her to go for it.

This is when I truly confirmed that my passion is within business coaching.

I have coached in business for over five years  and I believe that is where I’m supposed to be.

This is going to be quite the transition, but I believe it’s where I can make more of an impact. After all, that’s why I love to coach!

You’ll see some changes in my content and focus in the next few months, but I promise you, it will continue to be valuable and pertinent, as it always has. Thank you for supporting me and I look forward to sharing this transition with all of you!