From Splitsville to Sanity

Release your fears and balance your emotions during divorce so you can make favoring decisions that will lead to your long-term happiness and success!

  • Maybe you’re considering a DIY divorce kit with the hopes of a no-muss/no-fuss divorce.

  • Maybe you chose the first lawyer you found online to handle your divorce, or you're even working with your partner's attorney.

  • Maybe you’re stuck in shock and haven’t even moved the needle towards the actions that need to be taken.

  • You simply want an end to the whole mess so you can get your life back together and move on.

Well, I’ve got the best solution for you!

Whether you have been struggling to make the decision to leave a difficult, unhappy marriage, or you’ve been blindsided by your partner serving you with papers, divorce is a painful, emotional process. It’s so difficult to let go of the hope you had for your relationship and admit that your dreams for “happily ever after” with your spouse or partner won’t come true.

During this challenging time, it can be common to lead with your emotions and make choices from a place of pain and “just wanting to get it done.”

Remember this: “The choices you make now will affect your life after you've gone through your divorce, and decisions made only from emotion will not benefit you in the long run.”

With From Splitsville to Sanity, I can show you how to shift your mindset from emotional to logical, so you can make the best decisions that will help you instead of hold you back.

I support you in discovering what you're entitled to and help you find the confidence you need to come through your divorce ready for a new life!

I know there is so much more to getting divorced than just separating after a marriage. There are so many emotions to process, there are legal aspects of working through, and there are so many steps to untangle your life from your partners. If there are children involved, these steps are that much harder because the last thing you want to do is cause your children anymore hurt, pain, or confusion.

One of the biggest difficulties that women  go through is that they are unable to consider the long-term effects of the decisions they make in their divorce.

In some cases, they are choosing to divorce after years of unhappiness and heartache, and now that they’ve made their choice to divorce, they just want to get it done. Other women and men are in such a state of shock and hurt from an unforeseen divorce that they are in denial.

Regardless of the circumstances that led to divorce, I see so many people, whether they are victims of bad advice, in their emotional pain, or as a result of anxiety and overwhelm,  leave behind their homes, their possessions, and refuse to seek any kind of support for themselves or their children.

I don’t want you to make these same mistakes.

If you're struggling through a divorce, unsure of what choices to make, feeling overwhelmed, stuck in negative emotions, I want to help you break free from it ALL so you can move forward. As a Divorce Coach and therapist with a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and 25 years of counseling and coaching experience, I understand what you're going through from both a professional and personal place.

I know exactly what you're going through because I've been through the bottleneck of divorce and had to activate my own inner strength. I know not only the pain of divorce, but also the hardship of rebuilding my life from almost having nothing.

Let me share my story with you...

I’m Kelly Chisholm - your Divorce Coach. I was married for over 20 years to a man who was emotionally abusive.  My marriage was toxic, full of painful emotions, resentment, and regret. I worked so hard to try and save my marriage - I mean, I’m a therapist who specializes in relationship counseling, how could I not save my own marriage?


Kelly Chisholm

It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that not all marriages can be saved, especially if one person isn't willing to work for it. For two years, I was emotionally divorced from my marriage, then I finally decided to legally divorce, and that was where the nightmare truly started.

During my marriage, I started my own business, and it was thriving! However, being successful became a liability in a divorce in which I was the breadwinner. Between receiving terrible legal advice and just wanting to get the divorce over with, I ended up leaving so much behind when I left. This led to me taking on debts and worrying about how I was going to get back on my feet. (As if I wasn’t already dealing with enough as it stood.)

The financial stress was compounded by the fact that emotionally, I was a complete and total wreck. I tried to hold it together, but between the feelings of shame, betrayal, anger, and bitterness, I was struggling. The stress and overwhelming negative emotions weighed heavily on me, and I didn't have any emotional support. My lawyer offered legal advice that was terrible for my situation, (I found that out waaay after the fact). But I had no one for emotional advice, and if I'd had the emotional support I needed, I would have been in a better place to make decisions that would have benefited me beyond my divorce and all through my new life.

After surviving my own terrible divorce, I didn’t want anyone else to suffer the way I did.

I made it my mission to provide people going through a divorce with the emotional support, education, financial guidance, and planning they need to come out the other side ready to rebuild their life.

Between my personal experience and my professional background, I’m uniquely qualified to help you through your divorce and go From Splitsville to Sanity!

If you are willing to follow the exercises and apply what we discuss in your life, by the end of the 16-week program, you can experience:

  • Knowledge - I'll walk you through the legal and financial aspects of divorce, so you understand your rights more clearly, know what to ask your attorney, and feel better prepared to make informed decisions and choices about your life going forward.

  • Clarity - Together, we will cut through the overwhelming emotions and anxiety and discover a path that works for you both right now and going forward. We can create short-term goals and a long-term strategy for your life to keep you moving forward toward a life you desire!

  • Proactivity- Instead of waiting for things to happen or finding out what you’re left with in the divorce, I’ll show you how to take control and begin making changes rather than having to react or recover from actions your partner takes that could hurt you.

  • Empowerment - With clarity and knowledge of your rights, your finances, and having your emotions sorted, you’ll be empowered to claim what is rightfully yours, make decisions based on your family’s needs and your own needs, and not feel hesitant, scared, or insecure.

  • Strength - Going through a divorce may have you feeling vulnerable, anxious, and even weak, but as you work through the lessons and apply what you learn, you’ll shift your way of thinking to feel strong and know you are making the right choices for yourself and your family.

  • Confidence - As you build on what you learn and continue through the program, I’ll show you how you can stop second-guessing yourself, stop worrying, and feel confident in your ability to take control of your life, take care of yourself, and set out on new beginnings.

  • Dignity - While divorce often brings out our worst qualities, I’ll provide you with the guidance to hold your head high and redirect your anger, sadness, and bitterness so you can maintain your dignity throughout the process.

  • Improved relationships - It’s very common for people going through a difficult divorce to shut themselves away from their friends and loved ones, even though this is a time when reaching out is important. I’ll show you how to maintain and strengthen your relationships with people you love and continue to love and trust others.

  • Emotional peace - Together we will face the overwhelm, the pain, and the turmoil you feel so you can move through it and reach a place of peace, without bitterness or regret so you can embrace the life ahead of you.

  • Hope - With a clear strategy in place to move forward, a full understanding of your options, and a heart that is free from pain, you will look to the future with hope as you reclaim your life.  

Above all, you will end this course feeling healed emotionally, free from fear and uncertainty, and well on your way to the next chapter in your life!

From Splitsville to Sanity comes with everything you need to successfully learn and apply the modules in your life!

You will receive:

  • Weekly learning module tools sent to you each week, including a weekly video course, printable resources, and action plans so you can apply what you learn to ensure clarity of the topic.

  • Bonus material that is added monthly- Expert interviews, tips, worksheets, exercises and  other highly valuable material to help your progress, celebrate victories, and ask questions in a supportive environment.

  • Bimonthly one-on-one 45-minute calls plus an exit call to keep track of your personal progress, offer specific guidance, and address your individual needs as you work through the program.


"Kelly, you have helped me get through this process without going insane" - AR

"What you are doing is a godsend, I never would have thought I would actually feel GOOD after my divorce!" - Private Client


I will provide you with the clarity you need to:

  • Clear the emotional chaos so you can take care of yourself and your family;

  • Eliminate the doubt and insecurity so you can make your next steps with confidence;

  • Provide you with financial guidance so you can make better decisions and choices;

  • Explain how the divorce process works, what your rights are, and what you may be able to receive;

  • Overcome the emotional pain, trauma, and heartache of divorce so you can make clear decisions and a plan for moving forward;

My promise to you is if you

  • Follow the program throughout the 16 weeks...

  • Complete the action plans and activities...

  • Take part in the one-on-one sessions...

  • Most importantly, have faith in yourself that you can overcome the chaos and pain with support and guidance…

You will be in a place of empowerment, strength, and hope with the resources and knowledge you need to move forward from your divorce!

If you are considering a divorce or in the midst of one, and you are

  • Feeling pressure to sign the papers and get it over with;

  • Uncomfortable with the legal advice you’re receiving but aren’t sure where to turn;

  • Wanting to put everything behind you and considering leaving your belongings, home, vehicle, or assets behind;

  • Struggling with shock and denial and don’t know what to do next;

  • Unsure what you may be entitled to or what you might be leaving on the table for yourself or your children;

  • Stuck in feelings of anger, bitterness, or regret and feel unable to move forward;

  • A stay-at-home parent who may be facing a complete life change, starting a career, or going back to school;

  • Lacking the confidence, clarity, and neutral mindset you need to get started on a new path;

From Splitsville to Sanity is your key to turning around your mindset, rebuilding your confidence, and giving you the knowledge and clarity to make the right decisions during and after your divorce!

However, From Splitsville to Sanity isn’t right for everyone. If you are NOT…

  • Ready to make changes in your mindset;

  • In a place to accept guidance in your life and analyze your finances, state of mind, feelings, and options ahead;

  • Willing to leave the “victim” or “martyr” mentality and embrace independence, confidence, and empowerment;

  • Able to ta ke part in the calls, watch the videos, or apply yourself to the activities;

Then - joining this program isn't the right time for you.

But - I don’t believe those apply to you! I know you are ready to break free from the pain, chaos, and confusion so you can begin on your new path!

If you’re still hesitating, and you’re not sure if you’re ready to take this step, I understand. Going through a divorce is one of the most painful experiences you can go through. I’ve been there myself, and the guilt, regret, shame...they were all there, even though I did everything I could to save my marriage.

I want you to consider what life will be like if you don’t take part in From Splitsville to Sanity:

  • You’ll look back on decisions you made while in an emotional mindset with regret and resentment;

  • You may not receive the best legal guidance you need to navigate a difficult divorce;

  • Your children may not get the support or resources they need, such as financial support or health insurance;

  • Insecurity and doubt will become a way of life, and you will continue to struggle with shame, anger, and depression;

  • Your futur e won’t be as certain, and you may find yourself struggling with financial difficulties or a dead-end job.

Don’t leave your future up to chance, enroll in From Splitsville to Sanity, and let me help you understand your options, make sense of the mess, and reclaim your life from the pain of divorce!

Read on for answers to my most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any discounts or payment plans?

Yes! If you pay the full price up front, you'll receive a 20% discount. We can discuss the investment of this program during our initial call.

What if I start this program and change my mind? Do you offer a money-back guarantee or refund?

Because I want everyone who takes part to be 100% invested emotionally and mentally, I don’t offer refunds. However, before enrolling in the program, we meet for a clarity session, and together, we can decide if the program is right for you.

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure of the program, I’d recommend you reach out to me, and I can help you figure out where your obstacle is.  I do promise that if you join the program and work through it, you’ll finish with more financial peace of mind, confidence, and hope for the future.

I haven't filed for divorce yet, but I'm ready to walk away. Is this program going to help me?

Absolutely. From Splitsville to Sanity will help you take the steps you need to know you are ready for divorce, plus you will have the support and presence of mind to make the right decisions as you navigate the process. I’ll provide you with financial coaching, legal education, and emotional coaching to help you come through a difficult process feeling confident and empowered.

My partner unexpectedly filed for divorce. I’m still in complete shock and don’t know what to do. I’m hoping my spouse won’t go through with it! How will From Splitsville to Sanity help?

I know it is so overwhelming and scary to be faced with an unexpected divorce. So many women and men in this situation end up in denial or are in so much shock they don’t seek any type of support, assets, or belongings. I want to help you recover from the shock and pain, tap into your strength and confidence, and help guide you through the process.

My partner is trying to pressure me into leaving with nothing, not seek any kind of support for my children, and not even provide me access to our joint accounts. I’m so exhausted and overwhelmed, I’m thinking I’ll just let him have it all.

Right now, you’re struggling with so many emotions that you are not in a place to make long-term decisions. By leaving with nothing, you’re setting yourself (and any children) on a difficult path that you will regret later on. In From Splitsville to Sanity, I will help you through the emotional frame of mind, provide you with strategies for dealing with a difficult former partner, and provide guidance on your options so you can make decisions using your logic as you look at your long-term options.

I have a good attorney who is fighting my case. Why would I need From Splitsville to Sanity?

As a coach and counselor, I provide much more than just legal information. As a matter of fact, I highly recommend every one of my clients consult with a well-recommended, experienced attorney. The program not only looks at the legal side of divorce, we will discuss financial plans and options, but mainly, this is about emotional healing. I can help you rebuild your confidence, maintain your dignity, help you discover what you want to do as you move forward. Together, we can create strategies to make those goals a reality so you can live your best life even after divorce.

I have small children and am facing life as a single parent. Is this program for parents?

Going through a divorce when you have children is one of the most difficult situations you can be faced with! I can absolutely help parents during their divorce by helping them understand what they or their children are entitled to in a settlement, how to make logical decisions that will benefit you and your kids, and provide you with tips on how to successfully co-parent, even if your relationship is toxic.

Still have questions? Reach out to me at or Schedule your free clarity session by clicking here!

Note: I am not an attorney or lawyer. I am a certified counselor and coach, but From Splitsville to Sanity is not intended to replace legal advice/ representation or counseling/therapy,  and is only meant to educate and provide knowledgeable support.