Create a business that's your Heart and Soul

I've coached dozens of women entrepreneurs and business owners, but when I think back to the process of building my own six-figure business... I cringe, hard.

I knew nothing about what it would take to build a business, let alone a successful one. Reading business journals/publications just reinforced that most businesses fail in the first five years. I needed to build a business that supported myself and my family, and secured my future, but how was I going to do that? My marketing and money skills were haphazard at best. I wasn’t feeling very confident.

So, I devoted hours to soaking up business, mindset, marketing and money tips from the best business leaders I knew.
Today, I have created and built several six-figure businesses, and coach and mentor women from around the world. These women learn how to take their dreams, whether new or existing, and turn them into a business that's built with their heart and soul. 

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